I am a gardener- what’s your superpower?

I am a gardener- what’s your superpower?

It’s not something new when we talk about slow changes in our day to day life and coping with the complexities. In the past few months considering the chaos and complexities that occurred due to COVID19, I am learning to prioritise a healthy way of living.

Staying alone with my brother and managing work from home, I was eagerly looking for something relaxing which can bring peace. The top three activities in my coping mechanism list were- daily exercise, eating healthy, and gardening. After failed efforts to exercise and forever chewing something inappropriate, I gave up. One thing which amazingly helped me is- gardening!! Yes, the super fun activity evolving from season-to-season and year-to-year.
For the love of gardening, and remembering the lines of Rajendra Padhi

“I am a lover of my garden
I don’t grieve on flowers
When they sleep forever
Brings fun for me…….”

With a busy life and still wanting to have the best health and well-being – I started to garden. Gardening is the most modest way to rule out the boredom. So, growing my own food is something that I have discovered during these unsettling days.

I started to use my entire weekends to clean, water, and being around my small backyard. We have an indoor garden, a few raised garden beds next to our entrance gate so I managed to have planted culinary and medicinal herbs and removed typical landscaping plants. Since, I do not know much about best soils, seeds, or bulbs other than what I learned watching my father gardening, I chose to grow dhaniya seeds. After a successful growth, it was chillies, herbs, and a lot of microgreens. The result is I have fortunately started taking a lot of nutrient-dense food and resting in nature.

If you get time to try your hand at gardening- begin with easy to grow seeds and indoor plants. It’s the most sort after activity to engage yourself productively. Don’t let self-imposed limitations like living in an apartment, no place for gardening, getting the resources to be excuses. Enjoy your leisure time. Happy gardening!!!

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